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Aug / Sept 2019

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Plaque E’ Mon

Through the years the Native Sons of the Golden West have placed at least 1,300 monuments and plaques on historical sites, graves, civic buildings, trees and other locations.   While former Grand Historians and others have attempted to compile a list of these markers placed by Grand Parlor, it is not complete.  

The list of markers placed by local Parlors, without Grand Parlor assistance, is even more incomplete.  As we go about our daily lives we often see these markers along the road, set into sidewalks, in parks and on buildings we pass by.  There are rumors of plaques in the desert, on mountains and in the forests that some of you may have seen in your travels or while on vacation.

We need your help in finding as many of these “lost” markers as possible.

Grand 1st Vice President Christeson and Grand 3rd Vice President King are offering a $20 gift certificate every month between September 2016 and April 2017, to the person or parlor that submits to us the most markers not already on our list. Here is what we need:

1. A close-up picture of the plaque so that all of the text is legible.

2. A picture of the plaque/monument in the context of its setting.  Generally speaking, this would be a from-across-the-street sort of picture that shows the plaque and its surroundings.

3. The location of the marker, e.g. GPS coordinates, cross streets, street addresses.

We would also appreciate:

·         Pictures of the subject that the plaque is memorializing, such as inside or around a building and of things relating to the marker such as NSGW dedication ceremonies.

·         Copies of newspaper articles, parlor records and such that tell about the dedication or the backstory of the subject of the marker.

We would encourage local Parlors that are looking for new and historically significant events to promote membership and participation by current members to sponsor a Plaque Hunt to try and gather all of the plaques in your area.  You could even advertise in your local paper, and with the promise of a free BBQ or lunch, it could draw in significant numbers of new members that are interested in the primary mission of the Native Sons, the preservation of California history!

Brothers, here is a chance to help rediscover our history and your history, all while helping grow the Order.

Email your entries to [email protected]

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